5 Business Development Strategies That Work Today

5 Business Development Strategies That Work TodayLooking for strong business development strategies that are working today? Here are 5 of our top recommended strategies!

Staying in business means being on top of business development. There are plenty of ideas out there, the trick is finding strategies that work. So here are a few that will, and won’t break the bank at the same time.

Do things to get noticed. What kind of things? Well, write articles, post a blog, build a social media platform or press releases. Use all kinds of forms of social media. Do some research and find out the most popular ones for your target audience or age group. Putting good content out there and really putting it out there will help get you noticed. Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family members and customers to spread the word as well.

Always have a full sales funnel. It’s a representation of your sales process, but always having people at different places in the funnel means that you always have business in play.

Another idea is to create different service levels. Not all clients want or need the same thing. Offer different service levels based on what different customers need. If you make it somewhat consistent, you can then convince other customers to move up levels. Give each different names and higher levels sound more interesting. Each level should build on the lower one and add value. That also means that you have and offer high end and low end solutions for your customers.

What other products or services can you add that will complement the ones you already have? That will add value for existing customers and entice new customers to buy?

Can you form strategic relationships with other businesses? If so, you can team up and share the load in marketing your services together.

Importantly, be sure to bill for services in advance and collect before all of the services or products are delivered. It’s much harder to collect when the customer has what they want. But, if you can hold the carrot of the items they need, then getting your money will be much easier.

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