5 Innovative Ways to Stay in Touch During the Sales Process

Staying in touch with prospects during the sales process is important. These days there are innovative and fun ways to do just that. The more fun it is, the less annoying you are to the prospect ad more likely to make the sale. So how can you do all that?

5 Innovative Ways to Stay in Touch During the Sales ProcessSocial media is one way and there are so many ways to do it, and there are so many different social media outlets! LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… what to do! First things first, find out what your prospect’s favorite social media outlet is, then suggest your page or profile. Don’t stalk them! Get permission! Instagram can be fun because you can post fun pictures of their favorite products or ideas of what to do with them and tag them in it. It will get them excited about getting their hands on it to try out all the cool things you posted.

Facebook and Twitter can be a good way to keep them up to date on offers and such. Twitter is super easy to do and only takes a minute to tweet out something fast. Twitter also is very very hot right now, everyone is tweeting! Facebook is a great place to put up your newest deals and new products.

Another, more traditional way is to pick up the phone. Just call! If they don’t answer just leave a quick “just touching base” message. Offer to take them out for coffee or a beer! Yes, really. Sometimes we have to put down the technology and remember that sales is a person to person business. Doing too much with technology can come across as avoiding them.

Just make sure you keep in touch. Prospects will quickly lose interest if you don’t and the sale will never happen.

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