5 Qualities of Good Retail Store Managers

Anyone can be a retail manager, right? Wrong. Good store managers have certain qualities beyond being good at retail sales and customer service, knowing how to display merchandise or schedule employees. It takes more than that.

Use Your Talents

5 Qualities of Good Store ManagersGood store managers know how to use their talents to help employees become top retail sales performers. They have good people skills and use them to motivate others. They are good at encouraging employees to set and achieve retail sales goals. Not just in how to do it, but also by encouraging them to meet and exceed them.

In other words, they become coaches. A manager who acts as a coach helps them to find solutions to things that are keeping them from achieving their goals. A good coach encourages others to find creative solutions to performance problems. It is collaborative and helpful, not a confrontation, so good people skills are a must.


A good retail manager also encourages employees to come up with and share new ideas. That helps them to feel invested in their job and engenders loyalty. Listening to new ideas makes you not just a problem solver but someone who encourages a team effort. This also means not just taking an interest in them professionally, but helping them to have a balanced work and personal life as well. Remember little things, like birthdays, spouses or kids names and hobbies. Don’t make it creepy, but friendly. Real people skills are at work here.


Good managers also know how to delegate. How good of a team effort can it be if you insist that you are the only one who can do it all? You can’t, and it will stress you out, so learn to delegate. Find out who has the right skills to do jobs and hand them over. This will also help you communicate better and avoid conflicts. If they do pop up, learn to be a good conflict negotiator.

A good retail manager takes good people skills. If you have them, use them and everyone will benefit.

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