5 Sales Closes That Just Seem Silly Today | Sales Techniques

There are a lot of ways to close a sale. Some of them are good, but many are outdated and downright silly. The best sales techniques mean NOT using the following closes.

Embarrassment or Shaming Close: Both of these closes get them to buy by embarrassing or shaming them into it. If they are trying to buy inexpensive, 5 Sales Closes That Just Seem Silly Today | Sales Techniquesshame or embarrass them about being cheap or stingy. Use it to make them ashamed about what they currently have so they will buy better. Nothing like making people feel bad about themselves to guilt them into buying something. Don’t count on any referrals for your sparkling wit and salesmanship. It will leave a bad taste in their mouth. Worst case they’ll be back because they came to their senses and figured out what you did.

Puppy Close: This can be done a few ways. One is to give them the product to try out, like letting someone play with a puppy so they fall in love with it. The other is to be cute and irresistible like a puppy so they can’t say no. It involves being overly flattering, exceptionally nice or treating them like a child who earned a reward. All of the above are condescending and fake. It doesn’t inspire trust.

Distraction Close: This close means being sneaky and overly pressuring people at a distracted moment. Either you deliberately distract them yourself or take advantage of a distracting moment that happens. In other words, catch them in a weak moment when their minds are elsewhere. Once they are distracted, ask for the sale or shove the contract into their face. It works by waiting until they are just about at emotional overload or have only a part of their rational mind on you. They won’t be thinking clearly and will agree. Then they will have buyers remorse and be back, and will paint you as a really bad salesperson.

None of these, or a plethora of others are a good way to inspire confidence and trust in your product or service.

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