An Open Letter of Thanks!

An Open Letter of Thanks!Retail Sales and Marketing Management would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who makes our business possible!

Many of you may not know that this site is provided by our company, Retail Business Development (RBD), a Florida based corporation that works with companies large and small to provide retail based solutions. But enough about us! Let’s move on to what we are thankful for this year!

Great Retail Customers

This year has brought some really neat new clients onto our team, as well as cementing our relationships with some of our big box companies who we work with on a regular basis. Some of the fun projects we have had this year include rolling out a new retail look and feel for a favorite client, developing enterprise level retail tools that will help our clients be more effective (watch for more in the coming months) and also launching a new program to help wireless retail stores with their employee sales training.

Thanks to all of our customers who have made us such a success this year!

Great Employees

We are not the type to favor one of our great employees over the other, so suffice to say, our team is the best in the industry – BAR NONE! With retail sales experience in the hundreds of years combined, new technology based innovators and a solid team of support, our company is blessed to be able to say we have never been as positioned to grow as we are today!

Thanks to all of great employees, you know who you are!

Living In Interesting Times

There is an old Chinese proverb (translated curse) that says, “May you live in interesting times.” Well I am not sure that times could be more interesting than we see in the retail world right now. From one end of the retail spectrum to the other, we see sales challenges, fulfillment issues, staffing concerns, and generally a gamut of strange and new opportunities (challenges) crop up every day.

With that in mind, I would like to make a toast to everyone who is THRIVING in interesting times. We feel that the companies who recognize the challenges, capitalize on the opportunities and move forward are the types that we enjoy working with the most!

Happy Thanksgiving From Your Friends At Retail Business Development!

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