Are Millennials Lazy Kids or is Common Wisdom Dead Wrong

The common wisdom about Millennials is they are lazy kids who expect the world on a platter, the kids who got everything handed to them, trophies for participation and on and on. But is that really true? Is the common wisdom, right, wrong or somewhere in between?

With Millennials it is more wrong common wisdom than anything else. Yes, they can be lazy kids. Yes they may have expectations above reality. Are Millennials Lazy Kids or is Common Wisdom Dead WrongTheir helicopter parents did them no favors. However, Millennials are smart kids who know they can do what they can do.Iif you get out of their way, they’ll show you that there may just be more than one way to get the job done despite what you think of their behavior..

Most Millennials think they are entrepreneurs, but not in the traditional sense. They consider it a mind set, not necessarily a business owner. The mindset to them is being a self-starter and risk-taker, someone who “spots opportunity” whether in business for themselves or in business for others. Another area that they think differently? Freelancing. By and large, they value their own time and want to look for ways to make their own schedule. So they like the flexibility that freelancing gives them. They use telecommuting and technology constantly.

Freedom and independence are very important to this generation, as is choice and change. Those don’t sound like positives, but in today’s world they can be used positively in many businesses. Giving them flexibility in how they do their job, their hours and in some cases using things like telecommuting can mean you have and keep great employees while appealing to their needs for independence, freedom and flexibility.

They can also not be the “I expect to be handed everything” generation that people believe them to be. If they know they can achieve the roles they want, they will do what is necessary to get what they want.

Don’t broad brush an entire generation by the “lazy kids” behavior of a few. Millennials are a great bunch who can be a great asset for your business.

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