Best Android Tablet Apps for Time Management

by Ken Rich on October 2, 2012

Best Tablet Apps for Time ManagementThe best Android tablet apps available for time management are interesting and readily available. Tablet computers used to be an oddity, something that only a few people had. Now if you look around, there are tablets everywhere. Android tablets, iPads, Kindles and Nooks and each had the ability to use apps, like the ones you use on your smart phone, to help you stay in contact with the world, play games and manage your time. Time management is a huge area of use of tablets for business, and here are a few of the best tablet apps for time management.

Jorte Calendar: This is a free calendar tablet app that actually looks like a real paper organizer. You can change the background, text color and use icons for events. It syncs with Google Calendar, so jumping from your smart phone to your tablet doesn’t mean double entry.

Business Calendar: Business Calendar is free, or you can pay $4.99 for added features. It syncs Google calendar, has a great zoom feature, lets you link a contact to an event and allows you to drag and drop functions. It also has 11 different home screen widgets.

Touch Calendar: For those who really love the touch screen aspect of their tablet, this free app is the best. It’s a free app, or pay a little for no ads. The calendar responds mainly to touch gestures like tapping and swiping. Double-tap or pinch-zoom to change calendar views, or tap and hold a date to add an event. It’s not a great calendar if you like to personalize the appearance, but it does sync with Google calendar.

Checkmark All in One Calendar: This free app is great if you use multiple calendars, including Google and Outlook calendars. What’s better is you can keep the calendars separate or merge them into one main calendar. It also has zodiac and moon phases, and a contact calendar to track birthdays and special occasions.

Pocket Informant: While this app costs $9.99 it has everything you could want in a time management app. It combines calendar and task management functions and identifies events and tasks from different calendars by changing the appearance for each one. In addition to the standard day, month, and week views, two buttons are added to view actionable tasks. Tasks can be grouped into a folder and given context for easy tracking. It also has a paid cloud backup service.

With these tablet apps available, you’ll never miss another deadline!


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