Best Practices in Retail Sales Training of Employees

by Stephen Dejarlais on March 28, 2013

In any business, especially retail, having best practices in place is more than a good idea, its sound business practice. Part of those best practices should be retail sales training, and accountability for use of what is learned.

Best Practices in Retail Sales Training of EmployeesSales training is a necessary part of any retail business. Best practices should dictate that all employees are furthering their education in sales on a regular basis. The problem is that retail sales training is often learned then forgotten. Learning must be reinforced to become habit, and that should also be a part of your best practices. It’s hard to remember to use what you learn too, so finding a system that can teach, implement best practices and help sales staff to remember to use them is a tall order. There are places to find this, though, and you should look.

One of those companies is Retail Business Development. RBD’s Campus is a new service that has retail sales training materials that are instantly available through the cloud. Used in conjunction with RBD’s Assistant, Campus can provide tutorials and immediate corrective training. Assistant tracks the sale from start to finish and provides reporting for store owners and managers about where their employees are having problems. Assistant then delivers the training. Easily, immediately and seamlessly. T

he lessons learned on Campus provide a basis for best practices, then reinforces them through Assistant during the sales process. If your sales person has a hesitation about what their next step should be or how to go about it, Assistant will find the problem area then suggest the re-training to reinforce it. Each interaction on the sales floor becomes another chance to train and reinforce what you want each of your sales staff to implement.

Just in time retail sales training solutions is the best solution for retail store operations in training, setting and implementing best practices. Your staff will thank you, your customers will thank you and so will your bottom line.


Retailing Cloud Based Retail Solutions
Cloud Based Retail Solutions
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