Call Centers Are Coming Back To The US! Are Your Reps Trained The Right Way?

Call Centers Are Coming Back To The US! Are Your Reps Trained The Right Way?    Many call centers are coming back to the US and we are finding that American employees are out of practice with customer service.

Remember back when all of the call centers went overseas? While it probably seemed like a good idea at the time, many companies are finding that the money they saved in what they pay overseas call center reps is being lost because of customer service reasons… mostly that their customers are by and large having trouble communicating easily with customer service reps who do not speak “American English”. This disconnect causes lost customers which certainly bites into whatever they thought they were saving.

Back To The USA!

In answer many companies are bringing their customer call centers back to the US. That means that if your company is doing so, you need to have effective training for reps ready to fill those jobs. Hiring a company like Retail Business Development to help you train your new call staff is a smart idea. RBD has a huge library of sales training courses that cover everything from sales to customer service to all you need to know to own or manage your business.

RBD And The Most Effective Training

To make that call center work like a customer service driven Swiss watch, let RBD find the most effective training, whether customized for your situation or straight off the shelf that fits your needs, your budget and your timeline. This is especially if you are transitioning from an overseas center to a US center. They can help you make the transition seamless and improve customer service.

What Your New Staff Will Need

Your new call center staff will need to know basics of not only how to use call center equipment, but also issues in basic customer service. Things like how to answer the basic questions that come with your particular kind of business; how to deal with angry or upset customers, or how to upsell or add on when addressing issues with your customers. They need product knowledge to troubleshoot problems when they come in. In short, they need to know a lot about sales, technology and customer service so effective training is a must.

Smooth Transition

So, if you want your call center transition to go smoothly and be a success for your business, make sure they are adequately trained in customer service. RBD is the company to help you with your call center training.


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