Can Retail Catch Up with Hospitality Apps Like Outback’s Click Thru Seating?

Can Retail Catch Up with Hospitality Apps Like Outback's Click Thru Seating?Have you seen the commercials for it yet? You know, the ones about Outback Steakhouse’s click thru seating app? It’s a great hospitality app. Now, let’s take a look at ways that retail world might be able to take a page from its functionality.

A Cool App

Let’s look at Outback’s app first.The Outback app allows dining patrons to use it to do several things. It offers mobile access to data in real time about things like wait time for tables to making reservations for a table. The app lets customers sign up for a seating time, and if they are running late, it allows them to change the time slot. That means they don’t lose their table if they are late, and frees up the first slot for others more quickly. The app benefits everyone from customers to restaurant staff. Customers won’t get dropped from wait lists or wait for prolonged periods of time. Hosts have less lost time in waiting for people who don’t show. The app also has offers for Outback diners to use when dining.

What About Retail Apps?

What can we learn about this as retailers? Well, it comes down to service. This app offers service and control to the customer. How often do your customers wait in long lines to check out or receive service? How happy would your customers be if they could grab an app that lets them set a time to walk in and get immediate help buying a phone or tablet, or get service on their account? What about changing the time if they get hung up? What would that mean for your staff? Can you imagine how much better they could manage their time?

Time’s “A-Wasting”

The question is, do you wait and play retail app catch up? Time’s “a-wasting” and your competitors may just be working on an app for retail just like yours. Don’t wait. It is time now to design a retail app for your customers to get better service from you!

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