Event Marketing Tips For Sales People

Holding a marketing event can be a great way to expand your business, but what good is an event if you don’t get traffic to it? In order to get people there you have to plan a great event with great giveaways. Here are some event marketing tips for salespeople to get people there.

The Key to Attendance

Event Marketing Tips For Sales PeopleThe key to attendance is your giveaways. Yes, you have to spend it to make it, and most people won’t show up for nothing. So you need to make sure your “swag” is the swaggiest!

So what is it that your target crowd would want? Tips for salespeople here: That is the most important question of your event marketing planning! Your swag should do a few things. First, it should represent your business. That means it should be something that tells people what your business sells or stands for. Be careful here, don’t give away something that could damage your reputation.

Have a Drawing

If you can do it, give a small swag bag to everyone and keep the best giveaways for a special drawing. How you do that is the next important step in your event marketing. The reason you are giving the event is to build your prospect and customer lists. The drawing is how you do that.

Promote Your Fabulous Giveaways

Next, make sure that you let people know what that fabulous giveaways are. First, let them know everyone leaves with something. Next, shout about that special drawing from the rooftops. Use your event marketing to the fullest. Do yourself a favor and make sure that attendees have to help your database in order to have their name in the drawing. Don’t make it slips to be filled out. People are notorious about only putting a name but not any other information. Ask for business cards instead.

Event marketing is important, and making sure you have the deck stacked in your favor to make it a success is something you should be planning. Make sure your giveaways are great and build your business through the data you gather.

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