Is Marketing Experience More Important Than “New Blood”

Marketing experience and new blood are both important aspects of branding for our company. The job market is tight, and there is some debate about whether companies want people with experience or would rather have “new blood” full of new ideas on branding. What many are Is Marketing Experience More Important Than "New Blood"finding is that experience counts and people who can show that they have provided real results to another employer are more valuable to prospective employers. That translates to any marketing company you, as a retailer, may be looking to hire. Find one with long term experience but nimble enough to get results in the marketplace.

If you look at ads for marketing jobs, ads for “brand manager” were up 10% from one year ago, and “assistant brand manager” job postings have gone up 10 times. Postings for “marketing director” have fallen though, more than 30%. Companies are hiring for specific skills in order to promote growth in their organization. Things like content development or marketing analytics, and also things like digital and social-media, e-commerce, direct and customer-relationship marketing, market research and analytics and shopper marketing.

Having experience is the key. Even those who are hired as “generalists” should be digital and social-media savvy. For marketing purposes that means knowing technology and having other skill sets that are needed to do the job in the marketing firm.

But what if you are an “old school” marketer? Well, you if you can learn, you are still a hirable and an asset. Why? Because you can prove your track record. A strong company also looks for leadership, creativity and the ability to plan and successfully execute plans. All the skills in the world will get a company nowhere if there is no leadership in place to rope the skills into the plan put in place.

Skills are important, experience and a track record is more important. When looking for a marketing company, like Retail Business Development, find one that has the skills and the experience to handle your marketing needs.

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