Is There Such a Thing as a “Professional” Retail Salesperson? We Say YES!

Is There Such a Thing as a Professional Retail Salesperson? We Say YES! A “professional” salesperson? Is there such a thing? Of course there is! A professional is someone who excels at what they do so well that they get paid to do so.

Retail sales doesn’t have to be just something you do to pass the time until something better comes along. A good retail salesperson can make great money. Good retail salespeople help people. Don’t think about the old stereotypes, and don’t act like them. Be better and more professional than that.


A good salesperson does a lot of things, but the most important is listening. Listen to what the customer asks and how they ask it. Don’t rush to an answer. Stop and listen to all they say to you. If a salesperson doesn’t listen to their customer, then they won’t make the sale, or the sale they make may just become a return.

Ask Questions

Next, they ask questions. They ask questions to clarify what the customer has told them, or to find out more information so they can find the perfect fit for the customer’s needs. But remember, you need to listen to find the right questions, and then listen to the answers. Ask more questions if necessary. Again, don’t jump to a solution, clarify, clarify, clarify.

Customer Service

A professional provides service and puts the customer first. A professional retail sales person is worried less about their commission and more about servicing their customer. But guess what that does? It makes you loyal customers. That means referral business and bigger commissions. By putting them first, you win too.

Follow Up

A professional follows up with their customers and prospective customers too. Found out something new is coming soon? Don’t keep it to yourself, tell your existing customers and anyone else who could be interested. Someone came in but didn’t buy and seems on the fence? Follow up with them. Not as a pushy salesperson, but as a friend who just wants to answer any questions. Being helpful, following up and staying in contact is what a professional salesperson does. Be more professional and you will make great money.

Retail sales is a necessary and good profession. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!


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