Learning Styles – Auditory Learners

If you’ve ever sung along with Schoolhouse Rock(™) in your head or out loud to remember your grammar, math, Constitution or how a bill becomes a law, you could be an auditory learner. A person who uses this learning style uses their ears and voice to recall facts.

Learning Styles - Auditory LearnersAn auditory learner has to hear things to learn them. Only 30% of people are auditory learners, and it is the most difficult way to learn new material, but they can generally remember 75% of what they hear. Unless they hear information, most of it will be lost. These types of learners like classroom learning and small discussion groups. Makes sense because without it they would have a more difficult time learning. They remember instructions well and understand information most when they hear it. Hearing others isn’t the only hearing that works for them. One way auditories can help themselves remember things is to say it to themselves out loud several times.

Auditory learners are the kids you knew in school who loved to do presentations, couldn’t sit and study for hours at a time because it was too quiet, and was very verbal. They may have been the kids who had to talk to themselves when they studied, or would look surprised if they said something and it made the lesson “click” once they heard their own words. They were the kids who loved music and often would sing along with songs they hear. They are good with grammar, but not good with diagrams and charts.

If you have to teach or train an auditory learner, there are a few things that help them retain information more easily. First, repeat key information more than once. If it’s important for them to remember, repeat it several times. Make sure you pronounce things correctly. Remember that their recall of how you said it is what they use. Use multimedia presentations. Sound, music, speech, instruments… whatever works to get the point across in sound.

Auditory learners are all about the sounds so make it easier for them by talking about what they should remember… because they will.

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