Learning Styles – Kinesthetic Learners

If you have to just jump in and get your hands dirty to learn something, you might just be a kinesthetic learner. Of all the learning styles, kinesthetic learners are the “hands on” favorite of the bunch… pun intended!

Learning Styles - Kinesthetic LearnersKinesthetic learners, unlike other learning styles, are more physical. They like to use their body and sense of touch to learn about the world, and are often sports, dance and exercise enthusiasts, and gardeners or like hobbies that require them to use their hands. Kinesthetic learners need to get physical to think about problems or ideas. They will often exercise or run or dance to help get the creative juices flowing. They tend to be very tactile and like textures. They also tend to communicate with their bodies as well as their words, using a lot of hand gestures or movement to make their point.

When learning something new, compared to other learning styles, kinesthetic learners would rather jump right in and get their hands on the topic, than sit and listen to someone discuss it. Think of your high school biology class, they were the ones who couldn’t wait to dissect the frog and very impatiently waited for the teacher to finish their instructions and lecture. Another example is the person who instead of reading instructions or looking at diagrams just took something apart to figure it out and then put it back together.

Many people who are kinesthetic learners go into areas like mechanical, construction and repair work, sports and athletics, drama and dancing for their careers. They tend to use phrases like “that feels right to me”, “I can’t get a grip on this”, “Stay in touch” or “My gut is telling me” in their language. A good learning strategy for the kinesthetic learner is to do role playing. The act of acting things out will help set the learning. As many athletes and performers know, practice makes perfect, and for the kinesthetic learner, practice makes learning possible.

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