Learning Styles – Visual Learners

Learning is a lifetime thing, and knowing your learning style is a big advantage when trying to learn something new. Learning styles, people fall into three basic categories: audio, visual and kinesthetic. Everyone has one main or dominant style, but often we use one or both of the others to supplement the learning process.

Learning Styles - Visual LearnersThink back to school and how you remembered things best when you were tested. If you had to remember how you wrote it down or how it was shown to you, you are most likely a visual learner. Visual learners learn best from using their eyes and like diagrams or pictures. They tend to be good at reading people’s body language. Visual learners also fall into categories: linguistic and spatial. Visual linguistics learn best through written language, like reading and writing, and remember information better if they wrote it down themselves. Visual spatial learners aren’t good with written language but learn well from charts and diagrams or demonstrations. Showing them something works much better than telling them.

Visual learners often are good at remembering visual details like colors and spatial relationships, and often have a good sense of direction. Most prefer to read information themselves than to hear a lecture, and tend to be good note takers, although their notes may also have lots of doodles and drawings. When listening to a visual learner speak, you would tend to hear phrases like “Let’s take a look at this.” or “Let’s look at this from a different perspective.”

If you have to teach a visual learner, use a lot of diagrams, mind maps, word webs, visuals, and other forms of graphic organizers. If you are a visual learner, use those kinds of note taking techniques to connect ideas and remember them.

Remember that visual learners have to see what they need to learn in order to retain it, so make things visual for them.

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