O-To-O Marketing – Why You Need To Know About Showrooming

Getting people to go from online to offline (O to O) takes great marketing.

Have you ever gone into a store to find something and then pulled out your smartphone to price check it? How often do you find a better deal elsewhere? Doing that is called showrooming.

O-To-O Marketing - Why You Need To Know About ShowroomingShowrooming really is what many people think is smart shopping. Who hasn’t comparison shopped? Technology just made it easier to do on the spot. That is the problem for retailers, lost sales due to people checking on the spot. Before smart phones, you had to sit at your computer to do that, or drive from store to store, taking the chance that the product wouldn’t be there if you left the store and came back.

Today, showroomers tend to fall into one of five categories: Exploiters; Savvys; Price Sensitives; Experience Seekers; and Traditionalists. Exploiters are shoppers who have absolutely no intention of making a purchase in store. They are gathering information, period. Savvys are the ones with smartphones who aren’t afraid to use them. They price shop on the spot, and will even make an online purchase while standing in your store. Price sensitives are more likely to do things like purchase extended warranties or loyalty programs. Experience seekers will come to your store, but only for a sale or an event, and will only buy online on their smart phone if buying it in your store is inconvenient. Lastly, the Traditionalists want and prefer to shop in your store. They use their smartphones to text or call others for advice about their purchase.

O to O Marketing needs to pay attention to those types of showroomers. They can leverage parts of each to their advantage. Use both online and offline to your advantage. Launch sales from both simultaneously and use things like card-linked offers, printable coupons, geotargeting, or social media. Make sure that your store offers free wifi… but make sure they have to register to use it. This will give you data to use to target them for offers to keep them in your store.

O to O Marketing is important to keep your business viable.

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