Online Learning – Why Employees Learn More When They Can Set Their Own Pace

by Cliff Coleman on March 21, 2013

Online learning has been around for some time now, and what many businesses have found is that by using this dynamic training method, employees absorb more and get up to selling speed faster.

Online Learning - Why Employees Learn More When They Can Set Their Own PaceWhen you give them access to an online learning model, you allow your employees to set their own pace and learn in style best suited to their abilities. Letting them train during down times or off hours means that you aren’t taking them off the selling floor. A win for your business and your employee.

Self paced learning is learning where the student determines the tempo of the education (in a classroom setting the teacher determines the pace). In some models, the student determines the content as well, but for the purposes of training your employees, you need to determine the training material.

Some students and employees need the challenge, pacing and instruction a teacher provides. For others, the pacing may be too fast for their comprehension, being able to slow it down helps them to comprehend and internalize the materials. For still others classroom learning is too slow or not challenging enough. Being able to move ahead instead of being held back with the rest of the class keeps them invested and challenged.

In retail training settings, classroom training isn’t always feasible. Paying big bucks for seminars or off site training events costs you money and time away from the selling floor.

Being able to have your employees train on their schedule means that they can comprehend and internalize the materials as needed, and do it in a way that keeps them selling for you. Using online learning means that they are also not constrained by the set time frame of classroom learning.

With online learning, your employees can get a lesson done during down time in the store. They can do it in the evenings or mornings or as they have space on their calendar.


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