Retail Management Styles

Retail management styles vary from store to store and manager to manager. However, they all fall into some basic styles of management. Each work, though some better than others, but since employees are also all different, you may find a style that works with one, doesn’t with another. Here are some basic retail management styles:

Retail Management Styles

Retail Management Styles

Participatory Style: A manager, who is a participator, gives his or her employee’s tasks to complete or a group of employees a project, explaining to each individual what their part should be from start to finish. In the group setting he or she makes sure each employee understands their role in the big picture. He or she also asks for input from the employees on what they are doing and how they can get it done.

Employees managed this way tend to feel valued and that they have ownership in the project. They also have a good understanding of the tasks and why they need to be done, partially from the instruction, partially because they are encouraged to ask questions.


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Directing Style: This is a more “top-down” management style. The directing style manager gives specific instruction on what, how, when, where, and why: what their people need to do, how they should do it, where they should do it, why they’re doing it, and when it must be finished. There is no room for discussion or input.

Managers who employ this style should be unambiguous about the what, when, where, why and how and are very specific in their expectations.

Teamwork Style: Managers who employ this style utilizes the best of his or her team to use their knowledge to complete projects. He or she knows that teams are usually able to solve problems more quickly than individuals, which means that outcomes can far exceed expectations.

A manager of this type is willing to give the team credit for success instead of taking it for him or her self. This manager is like a coach, giving help where the team needs it but allowing them to find their way to success.

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