Retail Marketing Promotional Events

Retail marketing promotional events based on the time of year are a great way to generate buzz about your products and sales. If you are looking to entice customers into your store, old and new alike, hold fun events and publish your calendar, or help sponsor a local event. By getting out and working with the community, your business will benefit in many ways.

Retail Marketing Promotional Events Calendar

Over the course of the year, plan seasonal events around the particular time of year. During the spring and summer, plan a free class for past customers on how to use their electronics on vacation, or how to protect their electronics on a trip. In the fall, plan back to school events, during the holidays plan events to help customers find the perfect gift.

Publish a news release about the events in your local paper (most have an online submission service these days). Post a calendar of the planned events and classes in your store so people can sign up. Remember to ask them for their contact information so you can send them a reminder (and add them to your database). Have your salespeople call them to remind them of the event for additional customer contact.


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Another way to promote your business is to sponsor a local event. A good example of this could be the Gasparilla Pirate Festival in Tampa, Florida or the Maryland Polar Bear Plunge for the Special Olympics.

Gasparilla encompasses a children’s festival sponsored by McDonald’s and a more adult festival sponsored by the Hard Rock Café. It caters to singles and families alike. The event is a celebration of part of Tampa history and local businesses join into the fun and plan events to draw in customers.

The Polar Bear Plunge is a charity event sponsored by the Maryland State Police each January. Those who participate and those who attend are treated to a day long festival that surrounds the actual plunge.

At this type of event, local businesses provide food and drinks, and help sponsor the total event in many ways. Radio and TV stations provide entertainment and help advertise the event (and the sponsors). This is a great way to help the community, a great charity and your business all at the same time!

Retail marketing is easy when you plan your sales around promotional events throughout the year!

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