Retail Operations – Your Staff IS Your Biggest Point of Failure and Greatest Asset

In all retail operations, you staff is your biggest point of failure… and you greatest asset. The success of your business lies in the hands of the people you hire to sell to your customers. If they do it well, you thrive, but if they mess up consistently, they can ruin your business.

Retail Operations - Your Staff IS Your Biggest Point of Failure and Greatest AssetStaffing is more than just making sure you have adequate staff on hand to cover the hours your business is open. Part of your consideration should also be how you distribute those hours throughout the week. That means making sure you have more staff at busy times, and less during less busy times. As important as bodies there when you need them most, keep in mind that if they are lousy staff, they are a bigger hindrance than a help.

Store staff shape the experience of the customer. They are the face of your retail operations, which means you should be paying close attention to what keeps your staff happy, and what ensures they know their job. Listen to what your staff wants and their suggestions, and reward their hard work. Train them in sales so they are good salespeople, and train them in the technology they need to answer the questions of their customers.

Your staff are in your store daily. They know or learn how things may work better. They may have good ideas on displays, store flow or how to better serve the customers they deal with daily. When they have good ideas, reward them. Use the ideas and credit the person who came up with it. If you find there are people working for you who are not living up to your expectations, warn them or fire them. Your staff should be trained well. Pay them well and give them good benefits.

Use e-learning to train your staff. Make them better salespeople. Provide it for them to benefit your business as well as themselves.

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