Retail Promotion Ideas for Back to School

Back to school retail promotions are going to be showing up in stores before you know it (we have even seen a few in place already!). So retailers are looking for great promotion ideas for back to school.

Seem too soon? Not so fast. A recent survey conducted by BIGresearch, found that almost 22 percent of families will start back to school shopping at least two months before school starts. That means…right now. So here are some ideas for your business to take advantage of those who are thinking ahead.

Retail Promotion Ideas for Back to SchoolBack to school shopping entails many different types of retailers: clothing stores, big box retailers for paper, notebooks, and dorm room supplies, and lastly technology stores for computers, calculators and cell phones that students will need for the new school year.

Since all of them are necessary, look to get into a partnership with a non-competing store. For instance, a cell retailer could partner with a clothing store to offer reciprocal savings coupons, say a small technology retailer could pair with a children’s clothing boutique to offer a $50 off coupon to the boutique with the purchase of a cell phone or tablet. Want to keep it all in house? Bundle needed accessories with the purchase of a more expensive product. For instance, bundle a case and screen protector with a tablet and set a special price for all three.

Want to appeal to the charitable side of your customers? Offer to donate school supplies to needy children with a percentage of each sale. Better yet, hold an open house with the supplies already in hand to give to those in need. Make it a big celebration with balloons, and fun. Your customers will see first hand how their purchases help the community and come back to be loyal customers.

Now that you know you have time to set them in motion, feel free to use some or all of these retail promotion ideas for back to school to help your retail sales.



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