Retail Promotion Ideas For New Years Sales

Retail Promotion Ideas For New Years SalesWith New Year’s right around the corner, getting your retail year kicked off on the right foot is important. Throw a great sale to bring in customers. Here are some great retail promotion ideas to get you going using smartphones and other electronics in your displays.

One idea is to have a New Year’s Resolution Sale

Generally it should work like this. Choose a time period, be it a week or the whole month, and promote items that would help customers with common resolutions.

You can set up displays for the sale based on “popular” resolutions. Here are several to use for smartphones, tablets, etc.


There are a myriad of electronic gadgets, apps and computer programs to help anyone with organization problems. From calendar programs and apps, to other ways to organize paperwork, tax records, work items or whatever part or portion of your life that needs organization. Set up a display of different smartphones, tablets or computers with organization software or apps on them so customers can try them out.

Weight loss:

Who hasn’t said “I need to lose a few pounds this year”? There are so many ways to lose weight and so many pieces of technology available to help. Getting in shape means tracking things from what you eat to how you exercise. Set up a display of smartphones with apps to track calorie intake, apps to track calories burned, and other things like pedometers and heart rate monitors.

Stop smoking:

Trying to stop smoking is tough. Using technology to get support in doing so is smart. Again, set up smartphones with ways to track cessation efforts, support apps and so forth that will help many.

Bonus idea

Ask customers to share what their particular resolution might be, and then provide them the tools in a drawing. Limit what you provide to a particular dollar amount. For all others who submit ideas, give them each a discount on items they will need for their resolutions.

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