Retail Promotion Ideas For Valentines Day

Retail promotion ideas for Valentines Day is the next thing on the sales promotion agenda now that Christmas and New Years are just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is only about a month and a half or so away! So now is the Retail Promotion Ideas For Valentines Daytime to promote Valentine’s Day. A technology store needs some smart promotions to connect Valentines Day to technology products. Read on for some great ideas.

A “heart wall”

Have a “heart wall” where customers can submit decorated hearts to help decorate. Make it a contest and award the winner an accessory for their phone or a percentage off the purchase of a new phone. You can do several awards: best heart, most romantic, most poetic, etc.

Put up a spot in the store where customers can share things they love. Not just people, but food, movies, songs, even their favorite phones, apps and accessories.

Create cards

Create small Valentines Day cards that your customers can add to their purchases. Make some fun, others romantic. Bill it as a way you are saving them a trip to the card store. Your extra customer service for them.


In a technology store finding a “romantic” gift isn’t easy. It’s not jewelry or candy or flowers. But what you can push is communication. All good relationships have good communication so approach it from that angle. How to keep in touch with those they love. Show all the ways a smartphone or tablet can help them keep in touch with others. Show them apps that will enhance communication. Use your imagination!


Don’t’ forget to appeal to their charitable side. Offer a donation to a local charity: shelter, food pantry, etc., from each sale. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the times we usually think about this, but then donations fall off. Give a local one a pick me up and bring in new customers by showing that the love of Valentine’s Day is more than just romantic.

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