Retail Sales – Providing A Consistent Customer Experience

One of the ways to help guarantee success in retail sales is to provide a consistent customer experience. The people who do this for you are your employees, since they are the people who represent your business. Providing them with consistent customer service training is important.

Good Communication

Retail Sales - Providing A Consistent Customer Experience Since communication is the best way to provide that consistent customer experience, you need to consider a few things. First, do your employees deliver consistent, reliable information? Does it help your business to have your customers get contradictory information? Of course not.

Good Training

Customers tend to get upset when one employee tells them one thing and another employee tells them differently. So when you’re training your employees, be sure to address things like the typical questions that customers ask, different kinds of situations that come up and how to handle it, and what to do if you get questions and you don’t have the answers. Also train them on how to handle angry customers.

One thing that we have found be a great benefit is to have an in-store or cross-store knowledge base. Having all the answers either online or in a service manual will guarantee that you, as the business owner or manager, are directing the conversation instead of having mavericks out there saying anything that comes to mind.

Focus on Customers

Next, ask yourself do your employees look for ways to be friendly? Are they likeable? Do they compliment customers? Do they make eye contact with them? Do they focus on the customer’s needs instead of their own? You may think you know what the customer needs, and maybe you’re right, but if you impose your will on them are you really serving them?

Customer Service

Do your employees understand that your customer service policies are what keeps your business in business? The best way to do that is to make sure you are completely up front about your attitude about customer service. Your employees should be able to state, chapter and verse, your customer service policies. Simply put, they need to make your customers happy, period.


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