Retail Sales Strategies – How to Get Them to Buy More Each Visit

Upselling is a great retail strategy to both help your customers and making more money by having them buy more. Many salespeople make three basic mistakes by either not upselling, by being pushy about it, or by being so unconvincing that the customer doesn’t buy. Here is how to do it without making those mistakes.

Retail Sales Strategies - How to Get Them to Buy More Each VisitFirst rule of upselling is that it has to add value to the customer and what they are buying. Just trying to throw in something only to up the sale doesn’t add value and makes your customers angry. In order to find out what the value would be to your customer, you need to find out what is important to them. Knowing your products and the accessories that work with them will help you upsell as you talk with your customer about the products that interest them.

Another way to successfully upsell is to show your customers how the accessories work with the product that they want to purchase. Showing them will demonstrate the benefit of the extra purchase. As you demonstrate it make sure to explain how it is necessary and will improve the value of the purchase they will make.

As you show the main product, ask questions. If they are replacing a phone, ask them why. For instance, if you find out they are replacing a broken phone they dropped, suggesting and showing them a case that will protect the new phone is a great upsell that will add value to the purchase they are making.

Asking them how they use the phone may show that they use it all the time especially driving. Suggesting a Bluetooth headset is a perfect upsell, especially in places where hands free driving is the law.

The key is creating a need and value. Do that and upselling will be a breeze and so will making money.

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