Retail Sales Tips – How To Turn A Maybe Later Into A Yes Now

Aren’t those “maybe’s” annoying? Did you know there is a way to turn a maybe later into a yes now? In retail sales, as any other kind of sales, you can, if you take a little time and patience. Here’s some tips on how to get it done.

Ask some questions:

Retail Sales Tips - How To Turn A Maybe Later Into A Yes NowSo you’re interacting with a customer and you ask them if they are ready to buy and they hem and haw and give you a maybe. Don’t lose your cool, ask some questions. Ask them what is holding them back from buying, what questions they still may have. Then answer them.

Be ready with your own answers. Don’t stop at letting them give you one word answers, ask for an explanation. Ask them, nicely, what their objections are and see if you can knock them down.

Don’t be obnoxious, but be passionate:

Another strategy is to adopt a philosophy of not taking no for an answer. Don’t be obnoxious, be convincing. Be persuasive and see how that works. Remember, if you are passionate about what you do and what you sell, people can be persuaded.

But, if they aren’t, gracefully accept it. Why? Because that maybe might not change today, but it might tomorrow or next week. If you are an obnoxious jerk, they won’t come back!

What about financial objections?

Asking those questions is important for another reason. Why? Because you might be able to find another way of looking at it. For instance, you can see that they really want the product, it’s written all over their face, but they just can’t afford it all at once. Can you offer a payment plan for them that works with their budget? Ask the question to find the sticking point and see how you can remedy it.

Help them think it’s their idea to buy:

Lastly, if you can make them think that the purchase is their idea, they will buy. Why wouldn’t they say yes to their own idea. You do this by feeding them information bit by bit and leading them to the inevitable decision, without asking them to make the decision. It’s like when you were trying to convince your parents to let you do something or have something they were dead set against. Once it was their idea, you got what you wanted.

Maybe’s don’t have to be a problem with your retail sales, if you know how to handle them.

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