Retail Sales Training – Ideas to Make Learning Fun

by Stephen Dejarlais on July 31, 2012

Retail sales training can be boring sometimes so make it fun and your employees will want to train. Adults, like kids, need education to be interesting AND informative, so when training your retail sales staff, making it fun will make it stick. Taking the time and energy to make training fun will show your employees that you are on their side; that you want them to learn and succeed. It makes a boring “groan” situation into a positive experience.

Making sales training fun means making it effective.

People have many misconceptions about retail sales training, and doing what you can to counter them is important. For instance, many people in sales are considered natural “closers,” and those who do not stand out immediately are often pushed aside quickly and written off as ineffective.

Retail Sales Training - Ideas to Make Learning Fun

Being effective in sales is a skill that can be developed, which is why you train your salespeople. Making it fun and hands on is the most effective way to do this. It gives those who are not natural sellers a chance to practice several scenarios and see the various outcomes without the real pressure of the selling floor.

Most sales systems and retail sales trainings are built around carrot-and-stick, reward-and-punishment incentives. The fastest learners and best performers are those who voluntarily take on challenging tasks with only social status at stake. The rest need something more. Learning a game, isn’t carrot and stick and uses different motivators. Make training fun and you will have happier employees and satisfied customers.

Using games is a stronger form of learning because it uses interactive on-boarding techniques to teach the rules and explain the objectives. The good ones need no explanation, and allow the trainees to just jump on in and play. There are many resources available to retailers for sales training. Google it and you’ll get lists of thousands of companies, people or programs.

Finding the best fit for your company is important. Companies like Retail Business Development have great gaming and fun training solutions. Their RBD Gaming will integrate with their already existing Assistant and Campus for seamless delivery. It’s a great place to start when looking for retail sales training. For more information, visit



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