Retail Sales Training Tips – Focused Upselling

In retail sales, upselling is the best way to increase your bottom line. Following are some training tips to make sure your sales staff know how to upsell to your customers.

tail Sales Training Tips - Focused Upsellingtail Sales Training Tips - Focused UpsellingYou found someone who you know will buy from you. They just agreed to do that, so why not make that retail sale just a bit more. Upselling is an easy way to expand your bottom line, but it’s a skill that your employees need training tips in. Focusing on upselling, after mastering basic sales skills, should be on your list of things for your staff to learn. In the meantime, here are some upselling training tips.

When you’re upselling something make it something that adds value to what they already are going to purchase. If your customer just bought an expensive smart phone, suggesting a protective cover that will keep it safer would be a great upsell. A Bluetooth hands free earpiece is another, especially if where you live requires you to be hands free when driving. Think along those lines and your customers will be more than happy to purchase the extras at the point of sale. All it takes is a simple suggestion.

Keep in mind that what you suggest should also make sense. Suggesting that they buy a screen saver that fits a phone if they buy a tablet makes no logical sense. Don’t just suggest things willy nilly. Make sure what you suggest makes sense with their initial purchase.

If you’re not sure how to do it, watch someone who is good at it. See what they suggest. Listen to how they suggest it. Imitate their tone and enthusiasm. Remember that the biggest part of being successful in anything is believing in what you’re doing. If you believe that you are suggesting the best things for them to have, things that will help them, they will buy them.

So make sure your employees are learning about upselling, and are practicing what they learn. Everyone, you, your employees and your customers will all be winners.

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