What is the Value of Trade Show Marketing?

What is the value of trade show marketing? Well, trade shows are a big expense. An expense of time, of staff and an expense of effort. Is that expense worth the value you derive from it? It is if you market yourself and make that trade show work for you.

What is the Value of Trade Show Marketing?Trade shows work, that’s a fact. If they didn’t businesses wouldn’t go to them or spend the money to have booths. But if you don’t pay attention to the possibilities and then market yourself accordingly, you will be throwing good money after bad. So here are some numbers: Per trade show events.com, an estimated 110 million people attend more than 4,000 shows in the United States and Canada every year. Now, how many people do you see in a normal day? A few, maybe 20 during the holidays? The potential is enormous at trade shows.

So let’s say an average show has 10,000 people attending. In 10 hours you could see 1,000 people! Realistically you won’t talk with all of them, but even if you only talk to 25 or 50, that is a whole lot more than you would in a day elsewhere. Here’s a bit more to consider with those numbers. 86% of your visitors will be new contacts; 77% of visitors will remember your company for up to 10 weeks. Want some cost numbers? Try these on for size: Cost per lead from show averages $212.00; Cost per lead from field averages $308.00; Cost per sale from a show averages $705.00; Cost per sale from the field averages $1140.00. Of course these numbers will differ depending on your type of business, but it’s about a 40% difference.

The way to ensure that you make those kinds of numbers, you need to market your booth and business. Make sure to staff it well, have good giveaways and get the word out to your mailing lists early and often. The better you do to make your booth the best booth at the show, the better the value will be to you.

How to Optimize Your Trade Show Booth

You’ve paid for a booth at the trade show and now you need to optimize it to make the most of your space. You spent money to get the space and you also need to optimize the investment as well. So what can you do to make sure that those you attract to your space are the best fit for your business?

How to Optimize Your Trade Show BoothLet’s start with what you SHOULDN’T do with your trade show booth. First, don’t clutter it up with all sorts of things like extra materials or products that you thought you might need, but really don’t. Next, don’t cloud your message. Also, don’t use print so small people can’t see it. Don’t block access with clutter or people who are bored and not working like they should. Not to mention using the same old boring graphics.

Cluttering up your space is a huge turn off for anyone. Clutter confuses people. They don’t know where to look. Things that look out of place are off putting. One thing you should do before the show is figure out your focus, then plan out your space. No one should walk away from your trade show booth wondering what you are selling. That means that no, you don’t bring your entire line and every piece of marketing materials you have. Too much overwhelms people and sends them away from the space instead of inviting them in.

When planning out your signs be sure to convey your focused message in a few ways. First use an easy to read font in print large enough to be easily read. Update your graphics to make them exciting and grab attention. Always stay on message.

Now, add the fun. Give those who would stop at the trade show booth a reason to stop and stay. Give them something to do: a putting green or a Nerf® basketball hoop. Do fun demonstrations with your products that allow them to “play” with them. Be sure to have a drawing for each day of the trade show, maybe even a big overall award as well. This last thing is a way to add to or start a marketing contact list. Just be sure to have a check off that gives you permission to add them to a list. You don’t want to be seen as the “spammers.” At the very least, have some seating at your trade show booth so people can stop and rest for a minute.

Use your space wisely and get the most out of the trade show.

In Store Merchandising – Not Just End Caps Anymore!

In Store Merchandising - Not Just End Caps Anymore!Any retailer can throw together shelves or end caps displays and call them in store merchandising.

Retail Business Development can help the successful stores take it to the next level. They use the talents of their people to come up with the best ways to do in store merchandising. The successful stores also look to others for help, others like Retail Business Development. RBD will make sure that your talented people are only the best, from providing you with sales consultants, experts in consultative sales, and help you with your hiring process.

RBD can provide you with outsourced workers to help with your business. From in store assisted sales to those who excel at brand advocacy campaigns, RBD can make sure you have permanent, temp or seasonal assistance, or event staff to help build your business. The staff that RBD provides are trained in the best of consultative sales. They can provide your customers with much more than any in store merchandising display ever could. They are trained to provide whatever information or explanations to your customers. The customers leave understanding their technology and everything their subscription-based services encompass.

RBD will help you recruit the best team, so that you have the right people who have the right tools in place to sell and do in store merchandising in your store. Candidates screened by RBD are the best, highly trained and often multi-lingual. Having people who can speak other languages and understand the cultural differences mean you can make sure that your store merchandising and sales team are not unknowingly putting people off.

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Going Where the Crowds are – Why Event and Mobile Sales Work so Well

Event sales are a perfect way to bring mobile sales to your prospects. It’s a perfect way to go get opportunity, instead of waiting for opportunity to come to you.

New products and services are exciting, but driving people to your store can be a challenge. Bringing the newest and best to prospective customers is an easier way to Going Where the Crowds are - Why Event and Mobile Sales Work so Wellpromote them. Now the choice becomes do it the boring typical way using product demo reps who put people out by handing out your brochures or samples, discussing features and benefits to anyone who passes their way, or try something different. Different is Retail Business Development or RBD.

RBD can help you do event marketing for mobile sales in a way that will draw people in, not send them running the other way. They provide you with specialists trained to do event sales, not just demo products. They are trained to engage with people at the event, asking experiential questions, showing how your business and new products are the answer to their problems, then making the sale for you right then and there. Whether it’s just selling the technology or selling a subscription based service to go with it. Get them while they are excited instead of just handing them a piece of literature and losing the sale.

It really doesn’t matter where or what the event is-flea markets, street fairs, garden shows, art festivals, sidewalk sales, you name it! You and RBD can go prepared and ready to sell! In the meantime your regular sales staff is still at your brick and mortar store. You stay open and staffed and are able to attend events to spread the word about your products, services and get people excited about your business.

Event sales with RBD can help you find out how successful your mobile sales can be. Give us a call today to find out more! 866.869.6975

Why Technology Product Launches are Moving to the Streets

Product launches can easily get lost. In a world full of news, people don’t pay a lot of attention to new products. So why not try taking product launches to the street? Get face to face; get more exposure and immediate revenue by taking your product to the people instead of expecting the people to come to you.

Why Technology Product Launches are Moving to the StreetsThis kind of marketing for a new product is sometimes called guerrilla marketing. It’s a strategy for product launches that uses low-cost and kind of unconventional ideas in different places using interactive means. It’s successful because it is face to face and a good way to engage with people directly and get them excited about the new product. Guerrilla marketing involves unusual approaches like street giveaways of products to get maximum results from minimal resources.

Getting to a person to person level is a great way to connect. Connecting in a place outside the brick and mortar store, sharing the excitement of new product launches, allowing people to try it out means there is no perceived pressure. It’s just people talking to people, sharing information. Your prospects see you as an equal, an acquaintance. Trust is established more quickly and that can lead them to a place where the customer can buy on the spot.

It cuts to the chase. Excited customers are able to get the newest products without having to wait. Haven’t we all gotten really jazzed about a new product and wanted it right then, only to be disappointed about not being able to take it home with you? They don’t have to wait and can show all their friends the great new product and get them excited. They become a walking testimonial, and font of information. They can show how it works and then send them to you to buy the newest best!

So take your technology new product launches to the streets and see how your sales soar!

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How to Extend Your Event Marketing Reach

How do you extend your event marketing reach to finally pull your business into the big leagues? Here are some tips for your event that will help with marketing reach.

How to Extend Your Event Marketing ReachFirst, of course, you have to tell people about your event, AND that you will be there. The event staff itself will market the event. They want people to attend as well, but you want your customersand their friends and family to show up for YOU. So, market your event. Send out a direct mail piece. Sounds old fashioned, but for a target area it works.

For a wider market reach, use your social media, blog and website, as well as email. A few things about using email. First DO NOT spam people. The will just hit “delete” without opening the email. Use a targeted, personalized message. It takes a little more time, but people will actually read them. Also, don’t send out 50 emails. Send out key reminders, like registration reminders, one with event content information and so forth, but be sure to make them relevant to the recipient. If you send out one about hotel rooms running out, those who have already reserved one really don’t need to get that one.

Your emails should also not “throw up” all over your recipients. You don’t have to tell them everything! Give them the information they need, point them to the event website for more detailed information about your event. You don’t need to keep secrets, customers today are rather savvy about knowing where to find information, but don’t give away everything.

Use your blog posts and website as well as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to increase your market reach. Writing a blog post about your event and sending it to all your social media will certainly expand your market reach and tell the story of your event.

Plan your space at your event. Use it as a place to promote your product. Really, think outside the confines of the booth. Make it a fun space to visit, a comfortable place to talk, Move the tables and provide some chairs for customers to sit and rest a minute. Don’t make it a typical table in the front, people lined up mess. But do have some signs with things like QR codes, or places to interact with your products.

Make your event the fantastic success you think it will be, just don’t be typical!

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Use Calls to Action to Sell More at Tradeshows

Trade shows are a part of technology sales and if you want to sell more at trade shows, there are a few things you can do to prepare. One of them is using calls to action before the event. These will drive people to attend, to look for your booth and buy on site. Try it to find great success at future trade shows you attend.

Use Calls to Action to Sell More at TradeshowsCalls to action are something you do ahead of time to market yourself for trade shows. Prompting attendees to complete a specific action. They help to sell more.

Connect your call-to-action with your marketing materials to give attendees something do at the event.

While the event coordinators will advertise the event, marketing it to your existing customers is always a good idea. Encourage them to bring guests with an offer. Do something like have attendees sign up for a free product trial, and tie it to something they will need to purchase on site, or offer a special if they do the product trial that is only good during the trade show.

Be sure to set up a targeted landing page for attendees after the event. Just be sure to focus your calls-to-action on enticing attendees to purchase during the trade show and you will sell more.

Use technology as part of your trade show call to action. Use things like QR codes to facilitate the call to action materials, then continue its use on site. Use it to schedule one on one appointments with a sales person, collecting their “prize” for bringing a guest, or making signing up for the free trials easier for attendees. This is especially helpful when your trade show products are technology related.

Calls to action are a great way to get people to come to trade shows and look for you. They can also help generate sales on site, making your investment in booth fees less expensive.

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Sales at Trade Shows: Yes or No?

Sales at trade shows, the question is yes or no? A resounding yes so get ready to show and sell.

You’ve got your space at the trade show, and you’re getting ready. So what do you bring? Obviously all kinds of materials to hand out, and maybe a product or a few to demonstrate, but you should also bring stock with you to sell. Make your trade show space a show and sell space.

Sales at Trade Shows:  Yes or No?Trade shows are a great place to make contacts who can become customers, but why wait? Make them customers now. Make your business stand out by not making those customers wait to purchase what you have to show them. Don’t just be the typical “hands out flyers” that promptly hit the floor and answer a question or two, do something to make you be the “go to” booth. Make it a fun space, a space where asking questions and showing interest is rewarded.

Don’t buy into the traditional thought that is trade shows are for lead generation, not sales. If you can make the sale then, why wait? Staff your booth with people who know the products, can answer questions, but who can also sell them. Don’t forego the literature. Some people may not be ready to buy right then and there, and will want to take something that tells them how to find you later. Any sales people you send will be able to both provide answers but also can make your booth a sales powerhouse. Make it a show and sell space.

Of course, that doesn’t mean emptying out your sales staff from your store. You will need to hire reps that are trained as well as your store employees, but know how to handle the tradeshow customers and sell to them. Using a company like Retail Business Development is the answer. They can provide you with experts in your business to be a sales staff at the trade show! Go where the people are, and sell them then and there. The perfect use of your trade show dollars. Make those dollars a true paid for investment, not just a “spend it to make it later” opportunity. RBD will send in well trained teams to show and sell, not show and tell.

Should you sell at trade shows? Yes and Retail Business Development can help you do it! Check out our event and on site sales teams!

How Millennials Buy – Some Motivating Factors

How Millennials buy and some motivating factors that are involved with sales to them is a topic that bears some looking into but first, who are they?

How Millennials Buy - Some Motivating FactorsMillennials: individuals born approximately between 1979 and 1999. They can be a challenging bunch. The have been raised surrounded by technology and are well educated in using it to get answers. They generally have a high opinion of themselves, who they are and their level of sophistication. As a customer, this can be a good thing, as long as you understand what motivates them to buy. Sales to Millennials mean understanding them and the motivating factors that will make them buy.

Millennials have been studied a lot and the data is in. Millennials are 27% more likely than the average adult to consider themselves to be sophisticated, 45% would say that they are risk takers and 44% think they live a lifestyle that impresses others. Millennials are educated, have been raised to think they are special and that their opinion is valued. This is important when realizing where they are coming from as customers. Look at the first three pieces of information. When Millennials buy, they are looking for technology, something they are very comfortable with, and that will be and make them look sophisticated. For you that means show them the top of the line smart phone with all the bells and whistles.

Another of their motivating factors to watch with Millennials is where they like to be. That can be used to approach them to buy for fun at in person sales events. Places like comedy clubs, concerts and different types of restaurants will get you sales. They like to be entertained and you can use that to your advantage. Another interest of Millennials is their online time. They spend an average of 3 or more hours on social networking sites like Facebook. So using social networking to market to them is a must.

Millennials are a group that, as a demographic, is technologically savvy, and thinks highly of their abilities and technology smarts. Use these motivating factors to get them what they want, and to your business advantage.

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Why Do in Person Sales Events Work (and Convert) So Well?

In person sales events are fun and done right can be a boon to your business in more ways than one. Why? Because the excitement generated about products and being able to buy them on the spot will be contagious. Happy customers will bring friends and family to you and you can build your business one excited customer at a time.

Why Do in Person Sales Events Work (and Convert) So Well?If you’ve ever been to an in person sales event you know how exciting they can be. What is really great about them is how people can connect. There is no sense of a “store” with the pressure to buy because you walked in. Just people talking to people. It’s a great way to get lots of questions answered, find out plenty of information, and have your customers become truly informed buyers. They look and feel like trade shows, but your customers can buy on the spot.

Create the “Buzz”

So with all that buying going on, there is a great buzz; about the products and buzz about being able to get the products without having to wait. Haven’t we all gotten really jazzed about a new product and wanted it right then, only to be disappointed about not being able to take it home with you? A total bummer for sure, and a big way to ensure that the excitement is lost along with the sale. At an in person sales event you get to capitalize on the excitement, get the sale and a lot more. Your happy customer will send others to you so they can become happy customers too!

So don’t turn your nose up at doing an in person sales event, jump in with both feet and make your business thrive!

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