Retail Store Marketing – Coordinating Your Marketing Efforts With The In-Store Sales Staff

Marketing isn’t just the responsibility of you, the store owner. No, your staff should also be aware of and supporting your marketing efforts. In store sales staff is just one more way to market your business and get the word out.

Include Your In Store Staff in Marketing

There are a few ways that you can market your retail business and your sales staff should be aware of each of them. Why? Because they are your front line in spreading the word. That and you don’t want them to look incompetent if they are asked about marketing efforts by customers! Also encourage your sales staff to spread the word with their social media as well.

Gift Cards

Retail Store Marketing - Coordinating Your Marketing Efforts With The In-Store Sales Staff great way sales staff can help with marketing efforts is through the use of gift cards. Why? Well research has shown that people who shop with gift cards tend to purchase full priced items rather than waiting for sales. It makes sense, since gift cards aren’t customers spending their own money.

Customers also tend to spend more than just the face value of the gift card. Both of these situations mean increased profit margins for you. Even better, about 20% of people who get gift cards never use them. That’s 100% profit for you.

More Gift Card Stats

Customers who use gift cards are also less likely to return or exchange items, lowering transaction costs. A policy idea for your store: use gift cards for returns. This will eliminate cash refunds and means that the money you took in during the initial sale stays in your store, not in their pockets.

Loyalty Program and Online Research

Loyalty programs also attract and keep customers. Both are programs your sales staff must be aware of and push. As a store you should be letting customers know about your programs using social media. 88% of customers research online but buy in store and 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media. Have a website because customers who come into your store after visiting your website spend 37% more than those who don’t. So don’t miss out on that boat!

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