Retail Store Marketing – How Display Types Effect Sales

How display types effect retail store marketing sales. Have you ever given any thought to your retail displays? Wondered how setting your items up on a shelf or end-cap will make a difference in how or what people buy? Doesn’t seem like it should, but it does. It makes a big difference.

Retail Store Marketing - How Display Types Effect Sales

Think about it, how many times have you bought something at Pier One and got it home, only to discover that you can’t quite make it look the way they did? Exactly! End-caps, or the display unit at the front or end of an aisle of shelves, and shelf displays are more than just a vehicle to display merchandise, they can be used strategically to group items that work together.


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Think about displays you’ve seen for e-readers or tablet computers. They show one by itself, and others in attractive protective covers. Why take one without the other? If items relate to each other, use shelf and especially end-cap space to make the connection for your customers.

When designing your end-cap or shelf displays, decide on a theme. If it’s the holidays, use that as a theme, and then choose the items to feature in the display. Don’t put too many things in the display. It needs to not overwhelm the customer, so choose one item to stand out, and others to complement it.

Once you place your items, then stand back and make sure that they are placed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t trust your own eyes, ask a few people for their input. Then add in your signs and keep the items stocked within eye range and easily reached.

If you’re using shelves in the aisle, place your display at eye level and stock the items underneath on lower shelves. Customers should be able to see the items in the display then follow their eyes downward to see the boxed items for their choosing. After you’re finished with any display, stand back and ask yourself “would I be tempted to buy these items if I saw it in another store?” If not, it needs work. If so, stand back and watch the sales happen!

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