Retail Store Operations – 5 Tips To Stop Shoplifting

Tis the season… for shoplifting. All retail store operations are in the same boat, and it’s an all year problem. There are ways to stop shoplifting. Here are a few.

Keep valuables close to registers

First, place items that are the most valuable close to the registers. Since Retail Store Operations - 5 Tips To Stop Shopliftingthat’s the place in the store where you and your staff spend the most time, it makes sense to keep the most valuable items there where you can keep an eye on them. At the very least, keeping items in clear view, meaning don’t put them in a corner or an area of the store where cover is provided will help stop shoplifting in your store.

Train your employees

Next, train your employees about what to look for when spotting shoplifters. It has to be said, and for legal reasons, DO NOT TELL THEM TO LOOK AT RACE OR NATIONALITY. That can get you in real hot water. Instead look at common shoplifting habits, like being nervous, not making eye contact, wandering around aisles, looking around constantly, leaving the store and returning again, lingering in certain locations and watching employees or looking up at surveillance cameras.

Keep the store clean and organized

Here’s another reason to give your employees to keep the store clean and organized: loss prevention. Cluttered, disorganized stores provide a much easier place to shoplift. It also makes it harder to see when something has been stolen. Also encourage your employees to walk around our retail store often and all over the place. Also be sure to have a store that is adequately staffed.


Keep the lines of communication open between staff and other store owners. Talk with other retail store owners about any suspicious behaviors they might have witnessed. Have your employees keep logs of suspicious behaviors to share with each other. Again, caution them about how they describe people. Make the logs something that helps, not something that comes back to bite you in the butt. Follow these ideas to stop shoplifting in your retail store.

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