Retail Store Sales – How To Avoid Losing The Sale To Showrooming

Showrooming. Retailers hate showrooming. So how can you take the showrooming traffic and avoid losing the sale in your retail store? Well, let’s look at it and see.

What is showrooming?

Retail Store Sales - How To Avoid Losing The Sale To ShowroomingShowrooming is what happens when customers use your store as a place to touch, feel and play with a product, The problem comes in when they leave and buy it online at a lower price.

As many retailers have found, online stores often offer lower prices than brick and mortar stores because they do not have the overhead cost of a retail location lease, utilities and salespeople. It is frustrating to sales people because they spend their time with a customer who doesn’t buy from them and leaves them without a sale to show for it.

It is costly to the retailers who have to pay all the overhead with no sales to show for it, as well as the cost of damage caused to the store’s floor samples of a product. So what can you do to combat this? There are a few things.

Buying in your store lends value over buying online

The best thing you can do is to be sure to show customers who come in that buying in your store lends value over buying online. Don’t do it by lowering prices. That only accomplishes a lowering of your profits. By offering added value, you make the price worth it. Do that through your loyalty programs and by offering items that are exclusive to your store.

Your loyalty program can do things like give early access to sales and sales professionals that can help with finding the right product. Loyalty programs can include extra sales that give them a break over the online available product, or just give additional and exclusive benefits.

Create value and you will put a halt to showrooming.

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