Event Marketing – Selling In Non-Traditional Venues Works!

Event Marketing - Selling In Non-Traditional Venues Works!Have you thought outside the box in event marketing? What about selling in non-traditional venues? You know, go where the people and the needs really are?

Think about when you’ve needed a charger you forgot, an extra battery at the end of the day because yours died. Now where were you? Somewhere where you could get what you needed? Probably not. More likely you were at a night club, a concert or even an airport or train station. Well, so are your customers. So go, treat it like a tradeshow plus.

Set up a simple table but make it stand out so you will be noticed. Make it a fun space, a space where asking questions and showing interest is rewarded. Also make sure you have people there ready to sell. Also staff it with a true sales staff who can answer questions knowledgeably. Anyone can sell a cord or battery, but what if someone has a question about a plan or new phone? Having staff that is prepared for anything will mean you make money.

But who has the staff to spare to man all these non-traditional venues? Your well trained staff needs to be in your store selling. So hire some outsourced staff to help in these temporary booths. Hire a company like Retail Business Development that can send experts in your business in to be a sales staff at the trade show! Go where the people are, and sell them then and there. The perfect use of your trade show dollars. Make those dollars a true paid for investment, not just a “spend it to make it later” opportunity. RBD will send in well trained teams to show and sell, not show and tell.

Thinking outside the box will bring you new customers from non-traditional venues. Use outsourced staff to help you out.

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