Retail Sales Training Tips – Gift with Purchase

Here are some retail sales training tips on how to use a gift with purchase in your retail store. With the right training tips in your pocket, you can make a gift with purchase a great pathway to higher sales.

Retail Sales Training Tips - Gift with PurchaseThe start of the holiday season is just around the corner, so coming up with great ways to draw in customers is most likely top of your list. One of those methods is to try a gift with purchase. In retail sales it is a great way to get people in the store.

So how do you come up with the best value to use for your gift? Think about other gift with purchase items you have received. Department store make up counters are famous for using this ploy to draw in customers. They set a threshold sales amount and give small sample sizes of make up or face creams as the gift. It sounds simple, and in some ways it is.

The key to planning a successful gift with purchase is giving customers a good value, without biting too much into your bottom line. Find an item that compliments other purchases, but costs you very little to purchase. Think along the lines of a free premium app with smart phone purchase, or an inexpensive screen protector with purchase. Be sure to use these training tips with your retail sales staff to be sure they can increase your bottom line during the holidays.

Some cautions about doing a gift with purchase. Be very careful about how you talk about the offer. Be very specific about the terms. Be specific about what the customer needs to purchase in order to get the gift. Be specific about any exclusions. If a specific phone or line of phones isn’t eligible for the free gift make sure it is clearly stated in any written advertising. Be specific about if it’s one gift per purchase or one gift per customer. Also be sure to be specific about the start and end dates. Lastly, always be sure to state that the gift with purchase may end early – “while supplies last.”

A gift with purchase strategy can be a great way to increase your sales. Just be smart about how you do it!

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