What Are The Unseen Things That Are Driving Your Customers Away – Mystery Shopping

Do you know what the little “unseen” things are that may be driving customers out of your store? Sometimes we don’t see the little things,especially when you look at them every day, they become unseen to us. A mystery shopper can help you see them all over again.

Unseen Things

So what are some of those unseen things? Well, to start out with, the condition of your store. Customers notice things like stains on What Are The Unseen Things That Are Driving Your Customers Away - Mystery Shoppingthe floor or carpeting. They notice paint that may be faded in places, or dings in the walls. Make sure to paint and remove stains and dings!Customers notice funny smells. You may be used to them, but they aren’t and smells alone are enough to have customers walking right back out the door. It may be as simple as a good heavy cleaning that can be done. Maybe it’s new carpeting or paint. Just remember that you are so used to seeing all the defects that you don’t see them anymore. Your mystery shopper will.

Next, do you have a bathroom that customers can use? If so, how clean is it? Is it stocked and kept spotless or is it a dingy closet that would scare people to use? Keep it clean, well lit and well stocked! Or don’t let customers use it. Having a nice clean bathroom for you customers can be a plus!

Condition of Products

How is the condition of the things you sell? How well stocked are your shelves? Are they regularly checked and restocked, or are there obvious holes? If it appears you have nothing to sell, there is nothing to make customers come in and stay to shop. Shelves should be dust free too! Making your store inviting also means letting customers know you have plenty for them to see and purchase.

Mystery Shopping and Your Salespeople

Last, salespeople. Are they rude or helpful? Rude sales people will kill a business faster than any other issue. A mystery shopper is trained to look for all these things, as well as be a challenge to see if your salespeople can handle even the crankiest customers with confidence and skill.

Use mystery shopping as a tool to keep your store and employees in good shape for sales.

Mystery Shopping Benefits – What Attracts Your Customers

Mystery shopping has a lot of different uses. One you may not thought of is using it to find out what works in your store and what doesn’t to attract customers. Having an unbiased eye on your displays and in store marketing, as well as having them review ads and marketing efforts before visiting the store, can be invaluable for refining your efforts to attract new customers.

Mystery Shopping Benefits - What Attracts Your CustomersMost people think that mystery shoppers are just to test your employees. They are, but they are also another good source to tell you what works in your store where displays and marketing come into play. After all, they are sent into your store to shop, and like any other customer they are influenced by what they see, hear and what they read. Why not make use of that experience as well?

Studies on retail sales and what influences them have proven that displays make a big difference with customers. Even more than big price cuts. Good displays showcase products in the best light. Those who might come in hesitant about a product will see it in its best light and that good display will push them towards purchase. A mystery shopper can let you know if the main product displays are working. Did they find that they didn’t feel the need to comparison shop?

Good displays also lend to impulse buys. A mystery shopper can judge if the other displays, displays set up close to the registers to encourage impulse buys are working as well. If the mystery shopper can be enticed to purchase that extra, then that is a good display that lends to upselling.

Ask for mystery shoppers of different ages and income demographics. Since customers of different age or income demographics shop differently, test out how you stack up to the differences. Your store may be targeting a specific one, or trying to appeal to many of them. Not matter the case, get a mystery shopper to test out the ones you target the most. Make sure that you are addressing what attracts customers to your retail business and use a mystery shopper to test it out.

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Why Use Mystery Shopping? Is Your Store Layout Helping The Customer Experience?

Would you know if your store layout is effective? Does it help or hinder your customer’s experience? One way to find out is to use mystery shopping.

Why Use Mystery Shopping? Is Your Store Layout Helping The Customer Experience?Is your store layout helping the customer experience? There are many things that do. One is how well your employees interact with customers, but that’s only part of the equation. Your store layout is really important as well. Is your store layout designed to encourage people to purchase more? Do you have eye-catching displays in the front to make them slow down? Does it lead them to where your best products are? Have you created breaks in the aisles to get people’s attention?

Mystery shopping can advise how these elements help the customer experience. If a typical customer walks into your store, is your store layout set up to encourage people to go right to what they need, or does it lead them through the store past items that will complement what they need, boosting your sales? One way to do that is to make displays that will slow them down in their trek through the store. Another is to create breaks in the aisles that slow them down. Did you know that 20 percent of a store’s merchandise is skipped over because people are moving too fast down long aisles?

All of these are items that are incredibly important to bolstering your bottom line. If a customer comes in, goes right to what they want without stopping to get other items and then leaves that is not the customer experience that you would like. A customer that comes in, is lead to accessory items, slowed down in the aisles and then gets what they need along with other items is the customer experience you want them to have. The problem is you are so familiar with your store layout that you may not see any issues. Mystery shopping will give you feedback that allows you to see where improvements can be made. Definitely worth the time and expense!

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