POS (Point of Sale) Checkouts Have Moved to Tablets

Point of sale (POS) checkouts no longer mean sales staff being chained to a big cash register or computer system. Today your POS, training and follow up systems can be as small as your tablet. This has been revolutionizing retail sales and making customers happy for some time, and it’s time you hopped on the bandwagon!

POS (Point of Sale) Checkouts Have Moved to TabletsIf you could find one easy fix to improve your store’s sales bottom line, would you do it? Using tablets for your POS is that easy fix. Think about it, how many times have you walked into your own store, or someone else’s and found that people needed assistance, but your sales staff were at the register trying to ring up another customers sale. That translates to frustrated customers and lost sales. Now, how great would it be if your sales staff could walk around the store, not be tied to a cash register and still make the sales for customers, answer questions and do it all on the go? Using a tablet will do all of that and more.

Tablet computers have become very affordable. You know this because you sell them. So use them. There are apps that will ring up sales, track inventory, and take credit card sales for you all while your sales staff is anywhere the customer needs them to be. Play out this scenario: A customer walks in and asks for help with a product. Your sales staff answers their questions and makes suggestion for a better answer than the one they started with, but it’s more expensive. They got their “yes” or “well, ok” and start the trek back to the cash register to ring up the sale. While walking with them, the customer is doing some serious math in their head. Many times, they get the chance to change their mind on that walk. Now let’s change it around. Same question, same answer and suggestion, but your sales staff can ring up the sale on the spot. All the customer is doing is digging out their credit card or payment method. Done and done right on your handy tablet.

Even better, that tablet becomes the best way to demonstrate how amazing technology is for the customer. They can try out apps, see how it works and then get the sale rung up on the spot. Don’t wait another day. Dump your registers and get tablets for point of sale POS. You won’t regret it.

Sales Training Ideas – In Store Promotion Ideas

Sales training ideas such as in store promotions are something to think about now that the holiday shopping season is right around the corner, hopefully bringing with it the holiday shopping crowds. So how can you attract more people into your store? What kinds of training or ideas can you suggest to help your staff sell more? This season makes or breaks businesses, so the bigger the crowd, the better your chances of staying in business.

The first way to ensure good traffic into your store is to be sure that it looks clean and well stocked, and that your sales staff is up to snuff. Staff should be as well kept as your store, and appear friendly and helpful to customers. If they aren’t, those who come in will go right back out. Solid sales training that includes customer service training, plus adequate oversight will ensure that your customers receive the level of service that you both expect.

Every retailer out there will be having sales during the holidays. It isn’t something that will necessarily bring customers in the door. So how can you get your sales staff to help drive traffic to you? Let them brainstorm some ideas, but try some of these in store promotion ideas as well.

    Sales Training Ideas - In Store Promotion Ideas
  • Have a contest to see who can bring in the most customers.
  • Have your sales staff hand out cards with their names on it for a small discount on a purchase, or a free item. The staff member who has the most returned cards will win a prize.
  • Have an incentive program where all the staff will earn a bonus if store sales are above a certain level after a set date.
  • Consider using sales spiffs for certain products.
  • Allow your retail sales staff to use their social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter on company time to promote company events and sales.

Make the rewards worth the extra mile your staff will have to go to bring in traffic and additional sales. Give them a product in the store of their choice at a certain price level. Make the bonus amount worth the time and effort. Also be sure to train your staff adequately so that sales prospects become customers. Given the right tools and incentives, this holiday shopping season will be a win for everyone.


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Retail Sales Training – In House or Online

Retail sales training is an integral part of any retail sales business. The question becomes, do you take your sales staff off the selling floor in order to train them, or use an online or cloud based training program and keep sales staff on the selling floor, but pay them extra to train in off hours?

Retail sales training is necessary part of business, however it can be expensive and time consuming. So finding the best solution that makes the best sense for your business, sales staff and budget is very important. In house training has pros and cons, as does online training. Let’s look at both.

Retail Sales Training - In House or OnlineTraditional face to face seminars or training have some great benefits. The students get the benefit of additional information like that deduced through body language, tone, volume and modulation of voice. Altogether, face to face communication offers a greater richness of information. If your sales staff tend to be visual or hands on learners being in person is vital to their understanding and retention of the material.

Online training doesn’t provide non-verbal body language and the wealth of information that they provide are completely lost. Face to face training also allows sales staff to share personal experiences and knowledge with each other. These experiences can provide another valuable source of learning.

Online learning provides training materials and information that are instantly available. Sales staff in training are able to study at their own pace and on their own time. It is a great way to learn because it keeps them on the sales floor and selling for you. Some systems can track the sales process and provide training that is specifically designed to address the issues that each employee needs. So if your employee has a day where they take longer to close a sale than expected, or they trip up on their product knowledge, training in those areas can be provided. That way you aren’t paying for training in areas where they don’t need it, keeping them interested in training and excited about learning.

Looking for real time online learning solutions? Find out more today!


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Retail Sales Training – Ideas to Make Learning Fun

Retail sales training can be boring sometimes so make it fun and your employees will want to train. Adults, like kids, need education to be interesting AND informative, so when training your retail sales staff, making it fun will make it stick. Taking the time and energy to make training fun will show your employees that you are on their side; that you want them to learn and succeed. It makes a boring “groan” situation into a positive experience.

Making sales training fun means making it effective.

People have many misconceptions about retail sales training, and doing what you can to counter them is important. For instance, many people in sales are considered natural “closers,” and those who do not stand out immediately are often pushed aside quickly and written off as ineffective.

Retail Sales Training - Ideas to Make Learning Fun

Being effective in sales is a skill that can be developed, which is why you train your salespeople. Making it fun and hands on is the most effective way to do this. It gives those who are not natural sellers a chance to practice several scenarios and see the various outcomes without the real pressure of the selling floor.

Most sales systems and retail sales trainings are built around carrot-and-stick, reward-and-punishment incentives. The fastest learners and best performers are those who voluntarily take on challenging tasks with only social status at stake. The rest need something more. Learning a game, isn’t carrot and stick and uses different motivators. Make training fun and you will have happier employees and satisfied customers.

Using games is a stronger form of learning because it uses interactive on-boarding techniques to teach the rules and explain the objectives. The good ones need no explanation, and allow the trainees to just jump on in and play. There are many resources available to retailers for sales training. Google it and you’ll get lists of thousands of companies, people or programs.

Finding the best fit for your company is important. Companies like Retail Business Development have great gaming and fun training solutions. Their RBD Gaming will integrate with their already existing Assistant and Campus for seamless delivery. It’s a great place to start when looking for retail sales training. For more information, visit http://retailing30.com/solution/salesforce-gamification/



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