Setting Retail Sales Goals

Setting retail sales goals is vital to reaching sales success. Does your retail business set goals? No? Why not? How can you know if you are winning at business if you don’t keep score?

Setting Retail Sales GoalsMaking and tracking your retail sales goals is an integral part of any successful business. Think about it this way: success is a game, one that you want to win. So how can you win if you don’t know how to play the game? Setting and writing down your goals is the playbook for achieving them.

Tracking your goals is the difference between attaining them and wishing you had. It’s how you keep score. In sports, you can’t know if you are winning without keeping score. Find ways to make keeping score fun, but keep your eye on the prize in a visual way.

Using a scoreboard in goal tracking is just like using a scoreboard in sports: it helps people track what is happening. It tells us how we’re doing. In goal success, tracking daily achievements is key in not only knowing your progress, but celebrating the small wins. The bigger your goal, the more scoreboards you should have.

Break your goals into areas that need attention. Each step to goal attainment needs its own board. The boards should track what you have to do to survive, as well as what you need to do to succeed. Surviving shouldn’t get lost in the big picture. Put your scoreboards in a prominent place that you will see all the time and update them at least daily, if not more often.

Part of keeping score should be keeping the reasons that you are in business in the first place. Your goal boards provide the encouragement to keep going.

When making a goal board, find pictures about what attaining your goals will mean to you. Think of it as the “what” of your goals. It’s the question that you asked yourself when setting it – “What do I want that made me set this goal.”

After you make a board that tells you how awesome things will be when you attain that goal, make another that gives you the “why.” This board includes pictures of people, pets or things that will remind you of why, or the reasons you are working towards your goal. It’s your “don’t quit” board.


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