Retail Sales is Not sleazy! 7 Tips To Being A Great Salesperson Without The Slime!

Retail Sales is Not sleazy! 7 Tips To Being A Great Salesperson Without The Slime!  Retail Sales. When you hear that word what comes to mind? Probably sleazy used car salesman is the first one, but it doesn’t have to be. A great salesperson is hardly a sleazy one. Here are some tips to make sure you end up on the great salesperson end, and not the sleazy end of the spectrum.

Believe In What You Sell

Do you believe in what you sell? You should. If you don’t believe you are selling your customers the best product for their needs, don’t sell it. It’s pretty much that simple. Why? Because eventually they will figure out that it wasn’t the best fit for them and they will be unhappy that you pushed it on them.

Care About Your Customers

Care about your customers. Seriously, truly care about them. If you do, you’ll want to help them. Caring will push you to find the best solution for their needs even if that need means you don’t make a sale. Putting their needs first will mean that you get customer loyalty, referrals and sales in the future.

Know Your Products

Know your products and know them well. The most empathetic salesperson may want to help, but without knowing your products how can you possibly fit them to your customer’s needs? Know them inside and out. Be able to answer any question. Knowledge is power and in sales it is a necessity. Also know what can be substituted for what and what your competitors have or don’t have. Customer loyalty will follow if you inspire your customers with your knowledge and understanding of your products. You will end up selling more as well.

Helping Customers is the Goal

Your goal, as a salesperson, should be helping customers, not making sales. If you help people, the sales will naturally follow. Being a shark who is only worried about making the bigger sale will repel people. Be genuinely helpful and sincere and people will be drawn to you. Be truthful. Don’t lie to make a sale or it will bite you. Remember if your goal is to help customers, lying to them and being cutthroat just to make a sale might make a sale in the short run, and earn you a reputation as a sleazy salesperson in the long run.


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