Sales Styles – Relationship Selling

There are many sales styles, but the one that seems to work best is relationship selling. You know, cultivating close relationships and good rapport with clients, customers and prospects in order to sell and encourage loyalty to your business. People who are good at relationship selling are friendly and outgoing.

Sales Styles - Relationship SellingRelationship selling is all about building a friendship with your customers. As with any other relationship, it takes listening to the customer, building trust by putting their needs first. Of course their needs are your business so it is a win/win for your business. But the most important thing is showing that prospective customer that they are being listened to and heard. This kind of selling style is low pressure. It is just friends sharing information and helping each other. To your customers, it isn’t about price. It’s about the service and attention that you give them. They would no sooner bail on you, their friend, than they would a friend they don’t do business with.

Building the relationships that make relationship selling so successful means that you save money in continually finding new customers. It costs more than five times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an existing one. Customers who feel valued and in a relationship with you not just as a customer are loyal. They become repeat customers and gladly refer new business to you. Referral business is the cheapest and best way to get new customers. Those referred come in with good feelings because their friend, family member or co-worker thinks so highly of your business.

Relationship selling is one of the better selling styles. Try it today and see how well it works for you.

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