Selling the Right Thing to the Right Client

Selling the right thing to the right client is the key to a good sale. Have you ever had someone try and convince you that you needed something you didn’t? Annoying, isn’t it? So how can you know what the right thing is? You certainly aren’t a mind reader. How can you know what the right thing is for the customer that just walked into your store? Observation and questions as well as listening to the answers your customer gives.

Selling the Right Thing to the Right ClientIf you have a lot of traffic in your store, but not a lot of sales, you have a problem. The problem may be that your sales people are pushing what they want or like on the people coming in, and not finding out what the right fit for that customer really is. Selling doesn’t work when people aren’t interested in what you are selling, no matter how hot, “right now,” or popular. What is a “must sell” for your staff may not be a “must have” for your customer, and trying to force it on them will make them find the door in a hurry. Your staff will tend to sell what they know most about so be sure they are educated in all products that you sell.

Where is the manager in all this?

As an owner or manager, your job should be making sure that the customers who come into your store get what they want. Yes, you have to move all your stock, but a customer leaving without buying anything doesn’t help at all. So making your staff push certain phones or technology won’t work. What will work is training your staff to listen to what your customers say, the questions they ask and finding a fit for them that way. If you find that an employee is pushing something the customer doesn’t want, step in, save the sale, and then educate your employee. Help them to know what questions to ask. Show them how to listen and turn the information they receive into knowledge of a good technology fit for the customer. Let them know that your expectation isn’t move product, but make customers happy in what they buy. If they are happy, they come back and refer friends and family.

Selling the right thing to the right client is the key to successful selling.

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