Shopping Rewards For Retailers – Shopkick? Explain Please!

Shopping Rewards for Retailers – Shopkick? Explain Please! There is an app for just about everything, why not add an app for iPhone or Android phone that gives back for shopping… or even just walking into a store! What a win-win for both shoppers and retailers. So how does it work?

Rewards for shopping @Shopkick? Explain Please?

Retailers, here’s how it works for you. First and foremost, it doesn’t cost you to become a Shopkick retailer. It also doesn’t eat into your margins since Citi provides the returns! So how exactly does it work? First consumers download the app and go looking for stores and offers. By using Shopkick SignalTM consumers earn rewards for walking into your store, increasing your foot traffic, and purchasing items. It’s that simple!

So how does it work for consumers? That’s simple too. First they download the app to their Android, iPhone or iPod Touch. Then they look for offers and stores that are participating. So far, Target, Macy’s, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Wet Seal, Simon Malls, and Best Buy participate and more are joining all the time. The consumer just opens the app before they walk into the store, then walk in. They earn product just for visiting the store! There are also deals to be had exclusively for Shopkick users. Another way to earn rewards is to scan barcodes of products in stores. They can then redeem points for great things like gift cards, iTunes cards, movie tickets and even big things like a Sony HD TV or cruise. They can also donate their rewards to causes near and dear to their hearts. Talk about a win win!

Retailers, thinking about checking out Shopkick before signing up? Here are directions to do your market research:

How do you see who has offers? Download the app and then just look at the “Nearby” screen and see who has small green bubbles with “kicks” numbers. More stores are added daily, so keep checking. Then just check to see who has offers and redeem them. How it works depends on the retailer, so check it the FAQ section of the website to see how to do it.

So you’ve been collecting walk in and scan rewards and see a cool reward you want, how do you get it? Just tap “rewards” tap the one you want, click redeem and it will appear in the “me” tab. There are special bonuses just for iPhone users. They kind of work like a puzzle or scavenger hunt. So how do you get more information? Go to


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