Should You Let Your Sales Staff Participate In Social Media

It’s been the bane of employers everywhere: staff using social media on company time. So if you have sales staff, should you keep them from using their social media for work and on work time? Actually, it might be a good idea to let them check their Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest while at work… within reason.

Social Media and the Salesperson

Should You Let Your Sales Staff Participate In Social MediaEmployers complain about the time suck that is social media. Many have blocked the websites from their computer systems so that it doesn’t distract employees from doing their jobs. Is that a good idea?

Sure if you have an employee who doesn’t need to stay connected to other people in order to successfully do their jobs. In sales, being able to have a forum to prospect easily is important. Social media does that for a salesperson. Yes, you probably have a bunch of social media for your business, or you should, but how much more reach will you have if you let your sales people use their own social media to prospect?

Good Guidelines Needed

Think about it. They have their own lists of friends on their profiles and pages. People who might not know about your business. Letting your sales people use their personal social media to market and advertise your business just broadens the list of people who know about your business. That means they may be on their personal accounts at work. That also means there will be a need for guidelines in work use.

A Written Agreement

Set up guidelines for the time they should be allowed to use it at work. If it becomes an impediment to helping customers actually in the store, then you have a problem. So, calendar times during their work day when it’s allowed, and times when it is not. Have a written agreement with them about how they can post. Obviously you want posts that are appropriate, grammatically correct and spelled well. What they post about your business reflects on your business.

So let them post, comment, like and push your business on their social media!

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