Staffing Success – The Three Best Ways To Recruit Millennials

For whatever reason, Millennials have gotten somewhat of a bad rep as they enter the job market. They are a breed apart and if you want to successfully recruit Millennials, and let’s face it, sooner or later you’ll have to, you need to understand how they are different from other Staffing Success - The Three Best Ways To Recruit Millennialsgenerations. Your staffing success depends on it.

First, keeping them means keeping them interested. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that they only tend to keep a job for 18 months. Remember that they grew up with the internet, short bursts of music videos, cartoons and other media. Many like to say this encouraged them to never grow out of the short attention span that most toddlers have. In order to keep them interested in a job you have to capture their interest. They don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over.

Compensation is very important as they enter the job market. In this way this generation is the same as every other. To attract and keep the best, you have to pay them well. That doesn’t mean that you have to over pay them, but remember they have been raised with the notion that they are extra special, no matter their experience. Keep it in mind. They also want to be evaluated regularly and advance quickly, AND they will do what is required to get there. That’s the important thing to remember. The “get a trophy for participation” generation can learn that those trophies need to be earned.

Flexibility is almost as important to Millennials as salary. When we say flexibility, it isn’t necessarily scheduling flexibility, but flexibility in delivery of the job to be done. Make sure they understand that flexibility doesn’t mean deadlines are flexible, but that how they meet them can be. In other words, don’t micromanage. Allow them to do what they do on their terms as long as the job gets done. This can be key to your staffing success.

When you recruit Millennials, be sure to train them. They expect it. Training employees is always a good idea anyway, since it is much less expensive to train who you have rather than hire and get new employees up to speed.

Millennials can be great employees. Don’t shy away from hiring them, just know what to expect.

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