Start Your Own Business – Marketing & Business Plans

Start Your Own Business – Marketing & Business PlansStarting your own business? It is the American dream. Marketing that business is the most important part of your business plan. Make sure you don’t short that part of your startup plan.

Ask yourself some questions

You’re new at all of this, so do you really know what you should be spending your time working on in a new business? Your logo and business cards isn’t it. What other people want isn’t either.

In order to figure out where your focus needs to be, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are your strengths as a person? What are your strengths as a leader?
  • Do you have a selling strategy?
  • What are your business objectives for the next three months?
  • What is your main marketing objective for the next three months?

More questions to ask yourself

Do those business objectives seem broad? If they do, narrow them. Why? Because being too broad, being something for everyone, will mean you aren’t good at anything. Finding your niche means becoming the expert that people need when they look for your product or service. Not sure how to do that? Well, more questions then!

Start with what is your industry and what parts of your industry do you like the best? Who do you like to work with? Big businesses or small businesses? Individuals? If you could only work with one kind of person for the rest of your life, who would it be? What would your product or service provide to them?

Customer Demographics

That last part needs some work too. Once you know who you want as a customer, then you need to find demographics on them. Things like age and marital status but also things like what they do when they are working, who their family is and what they like to do on their time off. Why? Because you need to use that information to target your marketing. People respond better to your marketing efforts when they recognize themselves.

There’s more to starting your own business, but these ideas should get you started. Good luck and live the dream!

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