Taking The Mystery Out of Mystery Shopping for National Chains

No matter the size of the business, mystery shopping programs work to help improve the business. National chain stores are no different than small businesses. In fact, mystery shopper programs are a great idea for national chains stores.

Taking The Mystery Out of Mystery Shopping for National ChainsAll store owners and managers, big and small, need to know what is going on in their store when they are gone. Mystery shopping programs provide eyes and ears for you. They check out all the areas you worry about: store policies, training, staff attitude.

They will rate the level of customer service provided. How do they treat your customers? Are they friendly and customer-focused? How long does it take them to greet people when they come in? Are they providing above average service and being polite and friendly, or are they acting bored and annoyed? A good mystery shopper can tell you how your customers feel when they are in your store.

What about product knowledge; how well do your employees know about the products and services they are selling? The wireless industry can be incredibly confusing, between all the types of phones, and plans, if your employees can’t explain it, how can they possibly be selling the right plans and phones to your customers? Confused customers become angry ones if they feel they were sold a bill of goods.

Your store policies range from greeting customers and making sales to how clean your store is and up to date your displays are. Not to mention that your staff should be dressed appropriately in uniform or at least looking professional. National chain stores are no different. In fact most national chain stores have a uniformity that is required. Is your chain complying?

National chains may have better pricing, but unhappy customers can ruin even the best chains. Keeping them happy, informed and shopping is the bottom line. Mystery shoppers will make sure that staff in every store are doing what they should.

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