Technology Sales – Technology Companies Get Back To Their Retail Grassroots

Technology Sales - Technology Companies Get Back To Their Retail GrassrootsIf you have been in retail sales for any length of time, you may be thinking back to the day of the big box stores with nostalgia at this point. Oh for the days of competition like Best Buy versus Circuit City, Kmart versus Walmart, Borders Books versus Barnes and Nobles. These and other retailers have fallen or are falling by the wayside. In fact the retail landscape is starting to resemble the world of movies, much like Taco Bell which won the restaurant wars in Demolition Man, Big Box retailers are curling in on themselves, leaving a wake of destruction behind.

So if you are launching a new technology product, how can you get the kind of exposure that now just seems like a distant memory? Get back to your grassroots past!

While dodging the ladies (and gentlemen) handing out samples at Costco can seem like navigating an obstacle course, sales are happening. Someone is tasting something that they just have to have and putting it in their cart. What if that same type of system could be used to sell technology on a retail level?

We KNOW what the new world of retail looks like and it is different than before. No more can you “get into Walmart” and know that your product will be a hit. These days you need to be able to show, tell AND sell where the people are!

Selling Grassroots Style

Retail business development grassroots marketingRBD has been working “in the field” for some time now, showing and selling at mobile and event venues where target demographics meet need!

Instead of getting our clients’ products into a big box stores, we figure out where potential consumers are gathered and then sell grassroots style, providing hands on promotions that spur sales. So how does this all work?

Imagine 35,000 people at an all day concert for the hot new bands of the summer. They are tweeting, taking videos and generally wearing out the batteries on their lifeline to the world, their smart phones. Sometime during the day they are going to start looking around for a plug, but this is a field that lacks the proper electronic outlets.

Then imagine you sell a product that will give that life sustaining energy. Your team is right there on the field, ready to give them the boost they need to get back online. PLUS your team has time to sell (they are standing around waiting for their phones to charge!) Oh, and the guys and gals out there selling like that kind of music too and can talk up the bands that are playing.

No more stodgy old store with the worn out sales guy who doesn’t want to answer one more question about battery life, no sir. These are excited, energized teams that can walk the walk and talk the talk!

So is it only for chargers? Heck no! Think about any product or service that you sell which could meet people where they are. Selling a payment processing system that works for phones? You could be on the street anywhere from craft fairs to huge tradeshows, talking to the vendors and letting them know of your great new technology! Got a great cell phone plan that makes calling overseas cheaper? Go to the neighborhoods with a strong ethnic bond (making sure your sales team looks and sounds like the people living there!)

These are just a few examples of how grassroots marketing works! Give us a call today to find out how to get your product in front of (and in the hands of) your target customers! 866.869.6975

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