The New Technology of Retail | Point of Sale

by Kevin Killoran on December 30, 2011

Technology is in every part of our lives, especially in our retail shopping. New technologies have changed not only how we shop but also where we shop: brick and mortar along side of online either on a computer or smart phone. For the most part, advancements in technologies such as point of sale software make our shopping experiences quicker and more efficient, although there are always those times of the year when this seems to not be the case!

The New Technology of Retail | Point of SaleSales at point of sale (or POS) have become more than just cash registers. Many businesses use computers or laptops, or increasingly tablet computers to ring up their sales, and even run credit/debit cards at POS without the need for a separate credit card machine. Using these, frequently in conjunction with a bar code scanning system, helps make the POS quicker and more efficient. Discounts and sale items would show up automatically, and scanning items automatically update stock counts. They are also used in place of time clocks for tracking employee hours.

Computers at POS are also key for tracking stock and reorders of inventory. A scanner systems used with this takes time in inventory counts and inventory management to a more efficient level. If the business needs to ship orders or receive them, the same computer can also do these tasks as well.

These days every store seems to have a reward card. These cards do a plethora of things for the retailer. It tracks who their customers are, establishes a database of regular customers, what they are purchasing and helps target their marketing to their core customers. These cards also give their customers rewards for their loyalty: points towards discounts on future purchases or free items.

Many brick and mortar retailers also offer online “stores”. Online sales offer their customers different shopping experiences. Customers can check to see if an item they need is available in the store they usually shop, or purchase an item online that can then be picked up in store, or shipped to their home. This way a retailer can offer more items that their store can stock in-store.

With technology everywhere in retail shopping, advancements in technologies such as point of sale software make our shopping quicker and more efficient!

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