Top Three Mobile Apps For Retail Comparisons

Everyone loves the idea of getting the best deal, but do you know for sure you’re getting it? Well, with smart phones and retail comparison mobile apps, you can know. Like everything else, some apps are better than others. Here are the top three.

Google Shopper

Top Three Mobile Apps For Retail Comparisons This mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Google Shopper lets you into the world of shopping via Google, including Google’s local offers, daily deals, and more importantly, product search and comparison shopping via Google Shopping.

You can scan a barcode, say a product name or even scan the covers of books, magazines, and other media to search Google’s database for the product. Yes, Google’s database. Google will let you know if it is available at one of Google’s partner retailers, along with price, ratings, reviews, and specifications. It’s online and local all in one.


This mobile app is available on iOS, Android and WP7. ShopSavvy was one of the first price comparison apps and it’s still one of the best. Searching is easily done by scanning the barcode of a product to search. It will show you prices online and at other brick-and-mortar retailers. ShopSavvy will also provide you with a “wallet” with cash so you can quickly purchase directly through the app. ShopSavvy will even include estimates of shipping prices from the retailers listed so you know the total price. It also lets you and other users rate products and retailers.


This mobile app is available on iOS and Android. PriceGrabber is probably the most well known comparison app. It focuses on online retailers, but when you’re standing in a store looking at something and want to know if it’s cheaper online, no one has more information than PriceGrabber. It has millions of products in its database and thousands of online retailers.

So try one or all of these apps and be confident while holiday shopping that you did get the best price!

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